In the past few weeks, I have been working on adding new tutorials to this game, teaching some of the essential features. When the game first starts, some simple tutorial images are shown. I am going to start working on more tutorials to teach the basics of coding in this game in the next update, and focus on making features to allow code from one object to interact with another object (besides Broadcast).

I've finally added code that allows you to detect inputs. It is located under the general tab ("#", in the bottom right). Currently, I have created the following inputs:

  • Move input: a vector corresponding with the Joystick / WASD keys pressed
  • Look input: a vector that shows how much the mouse has moved in the last frame
  • Primary input: left click
  • Secondary input: right click
  • Jump input: space
  • Action input: e

These inputs are cross-platform, and work on mobile and computer. If you want or need more inputs to be added, please let me know. I'll try my best to add anything that's needed.

On a more technical aspect, I have redesigned the compilation of code system. Before, the code for every object had to be repeatedly compiled when it was cloned. I compiled the script for every object created. Now, the code is being reused, which will allow for much easier reused code and localization of global functions and variables (coming soon). Instead of passing the object to the script when it is compiled, it is passed as a parameter every time the code is ran. 

Other than that, I have plans for lots of new features and tutorials to be added soon.

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